The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has recently conferred the International Publication Award to researchers from its component agencies and offices whose articles were published in reputed journals, among which is the Philippine Journal of Science (PJS).

The PJS is the oldest peer-reviewed scientific journal in the Philippines with its first issue published in 1906. It is published bimonthly under the management of the Science and Technology Information Institute of the DOST.

Overall, there were 22 award-winning PJS articles co-authored by DOST-affiliated researchers. These include nine by those from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI); five from the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI); four from the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI); and one each from the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI), the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI), and the Bicol and Davao Regional Offices (RO5 and RO11).

The articles co-authored by researchers from the DOST-FNRI are as follows:

‣ "Allele-specific Differences of FTO and MC4R Genes in the Energy and Nutrient Intakes and Eating Behavior of Filipino Adolescents in Selected Areas in Metro Manila, Philippines" by Jacus S. Nacis, Mildred A. Udarbe, Maria Julia Golloso-Gubat, Edward Vincent J. Magtibay, Rod Erick L. Agarrado, Angelique Q. Tongco, and Maria Cristina P. Tañada

‣ "Updating of the Philippine Food Exchange Lists for Meal Planning" by Consuelo L. Orense, Marilou L. Madrid, Noelle Lyn C. Santos, Hazel T. Lat, and David Kenneth C. Mendoza

‣ "Science and Technology Intervention Strategy on Complementary Feeding to Improve the Nutritional Status of Young Children in Two Yolanda Disasters Areas in the Philippines: Evidences from the Grounds" by Emily O. Rongavilla, Julieta B. Dorado, Georgina S. Caraig, Rowena V. Viajar, Glenda P. Azaña, Eldridge B. Ferrer, Dovie G. Domiquel, Jennilyn S. Ygaña, and Mario V. Capanzana

‣ " Risk Profiling of Methylmercury in the Consumption of Dried Tamban (Sardinella lemuru) by the Filipino Consuming Population" by Abigail S. Rustia, Vea Clarissa L. de Guzman, Andrea Mae T. Salem, Karina Angela D. Bautista, Casiana Blanca J. Villarino, Wendy E. Ledda, Erniel B. Barrios, Mario V. Capanzana, and Deon Mahoney

‣ "Risk Profiling of Fumonisin in Corn (Zea mays L.) to the Filipino Consuming Population" by Abigail S. Rustia, Danisha Niña S. Guiriba, Karina Angela D. Bautista, Deon Mahoney, Erniel B. Barrios, Casiana Blanca J. Villarino, and Mario V. Capanzana

‣ "Risk Profiling of 3-MCPD (3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol) in Soy Sauce to the Adult Filipino Consuming Population" by Abigail S. Rustia, Bebviet Franz R. Bulagao, Karina Angela D. Bautista, Deon Mahoney, Casiana Blanca J. Villarino, Erniel B. Barrios, and Mario V. Capanzana

‣ "Assessment of Socioeconomic and Climate Change-related Factors to Meeting Recommended Energy Intake (REI) of Filipino Households" by Charmaine A. Duante, Rovea Ernazelle G. Austria, John Michael E. Borigas, and Cecilia S. Acuin

‣ "Determinants of the Youth’s Nutritional Status in Selected Areas in the Philippines and Opportunities for Program Development and Engagement" by Charina A. Javier, Cristina G. Malabad, Ma. Lynell V. Maniego, Cheder D. Sumangue, and Charmaine A. Duante

‣ "Nutrition and Health Status of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in the Philippines: Results of the 2013 National Nutrition Survey and 2015 Updating Survey" by Charmaine A. Duante, Rovea Ernazelle G. Austria, Apple Joy D. Ducay, Cecilia Cristina S. Acuin, and Mario V. Capanzana

The articles co-authored by researchers from the DOST-PNRI are as follows:

‣ "Health Risk Assessment of Trace Metals in the Vicinity of an Abandoned Mercury Mine in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines" by Jessie O. Samaniego, Cris Reven L. Gibaga, Alexandria M. Tanciongco, Ma. Catriona E. Devanadera, Fevi Rose C. Paro, Jihan H. Adil, Mariel O. Montano, Rico Neil M. Quierrez, and Alaine Claudette S. Gutierrez

‣ "Foliar Carbon and Nitrogen Content and Stable Isotopic Composition of Selected Philippine Flora" by Roland V. Rallos, Gerald P. Dicen, Andrea Luz G. Nery, and John Leonard R. Labides

‣ "Growth Patterns and AMS-14C Age Dates of Fossil Corals from Northwest Pacific" by Kevin L. Garas, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Atsuko Yamazaki, Angel T. Bautista VII, and Hiroyuki Matsuzaki

‣ "Investigation of Gamma-ray Shielding Features of Several Clay Materials Using the EPICS2017 Library" by Mon Bryan Z. Gili and Frederick C. Hila

‣ "Heating Effects in the Structure of Non-metamict Allanite-(La) from Palawan, Philippines" by Cheri Anne M. Dingle, Julius Federico M. Jecong, Ryan U. Olivares, Mon Bryan Z. Gili, Girlie Eunice P. Lopez, Magdaleno R. Vasquez Jr., and Vallerie Ann I. Samson

The articles co-authored by researchers from the DOST-FPRDI are as follows:

‣ "Anatomical Properties and Utilization of 3-, 5-, and 7-yr-old Falcata [Falcataria moluccana (Miq.)] Barneby & J. W. Grimes] from Caraga Region, Mindanao Philippines" by Marina A. Alipon, Elvina O. Bondad, Dennis M. Gilbero, Juanito P. Jimenez, Emmanuel P. Domingo, and Oliver S. Marasigan

‣ "Assessing the Utilization of Young Falcata [Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J.W. Grimes] for Veneer Production" by Marina A. Alipon, Elvina O. Bondad, Carl Anthony A. Lantican, Dennis M. Gilbero, and Juanito P. Jimenez Jr.

‣ "Physical and Mechanical Properties of Selected Fruit-bearing and Underutilized Tree Species in the Philippines" by Marina A. Alipon, Elvina O. Bondad, Gilberto N. Sapin, and Oliver S. Marasigan

‣ "Utilization of Spiked Pepper (Piper aduncum L.) as Feedstock for Gasification" by Rogelio O. Rantael Jr., Manolito E. Bambase Jr., Nelson M. Pampolina, Rex B. Demafelis, Monet Concepcion M. Detras, and Alexis T. Belonio

For the DOST-ITDI, the article titled "Effect of Modified Cassava Starch in Reduced-fat Mayonnaise by Correlating Emulsion Stability with Anti-oxidation Reaction Using Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)" was authored by Ronaldo P. Parreño Jr. and Maricar B. Carandang.

For the DOST-PTRI, the article titled "First Report on the Characterization of Genetic Diversity of Philippine-reared Bombyx mori Strains Based on COI and ITS2" was authored by Ma. Neda Alcudia-Catalma, Ma. Ysabella Elaine D. Conde, Ivan Y. Dee Tan, and Ma. Anita M. Bautista.

For the DOST-V, the article titled "Dietary Fiber and Fermentability Characteristics of Different Pili (Canarium ovatum, Engl.) Varieties in the Philippines" was authored by Cristopher G. Millena, Bernardo A. Altavano, and Rosario S. Sagum.

Lastly, for the DOST-XI, the article titled "Level of Awareness of Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Its Nexus to Adoption among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in the Philippines" was authored by Kenneth D. Barroga, Vanessa Ellen R. Wabina, and Anthony C. Sales.

The International Publication Award, which was given to 124 winners, constitutes one of three categories under the DOST's Intellectual Property Awards—the others being the Granted Patent Utility Registration Award with 53 winners and the Industrial Design Award with one winner.

These awards support the goal of the DOST in instituting measures to improve the performance of its institutions, as well as in monitoring and evaluating their results in terms of research and development.

The awarding ceremony was held on the first day of this year's National Science and Technology Week, which is being celebrated from 23–27 November 2022 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City with the theme Agham at Teknolohiya: Kabalikat sa Maunlad at Matatag na Kinabukasan.( by Allyster A. Endozo, DOST-STII and photo by Henri A. de Leon, DOST-STII)