Science and technology information to improve people’s lives: This is the vision of the Department of Science and Technology’s Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) on the occasion of its 25th year of service to the nation this year.

“We want to bring greater attention to DOST’s role as provider of solutions to pressing problems in the country today,” STII Director Raymund Liboro said. “And the way to do this is for STII to step up our mandated duty as the bearer of good news from the Department.”


“Good news” pertains to positive, helpful S&T information that people can use to improve their quality of life, Liboro explained. “This means having the knowledge to uplift their present economic state and keeping themselves, their properties, and the environment safer through valuable and relevant S&T info.”

For 2012, STII is poised to lead the delivery of S&T information that address economic development as well as disaster preparedness and management, two key concerns of the Aquino government.

For the past 25 years, STII has relentlessly made S&T information more accessible and usable to Filipinos by creating information systems that reach out to more users via the Internet and other communications media. It has also repackaged hard science concepts, researches, and technologies into materials that are easy for common people to understand.

STII took on a more aggressive role in promoting S&T information for the past couple of years by actively assisting DOST agencies and offices in launching high-impact technology solutions such as the automated gateway transit system, nano-based clay water filter system, fortified food mixes, automated weather systems, and water hyacinth thresher, among others.

It also helped organize and promote DOST-wide major events such as the National Science and Technology Week and Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits.

STII will mark its 25TH anniversary on February 24, 2012 at the Arts in the City in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. The event will have the theme Inform to transform as STII’s way of celebrating its broadened role in S&T information delivery.

Aristotle Carandang, chief of Communication Resources and Production Division, said, “Through the years, STII’s dedication for work had established a globally-recognized center for S&T information, dedicated to the empowerment of the nation’s key sectors that contributes to the improvement of Philippine society.“

The anniversary shall be highlighted with the formal launch of, the STII-developed search engine and web portal for Philippine S&T, and awarding science communicators and amateur photographers.

A web portal that provides access to a great variety of science-related news, articles, blogs, photos, and videos, is poised to deliver accurate S&T information for Filipinos, thus  the tagline ”Science for every Juan.”

Meanwhile, STII will also give recognition to the country’s top science journalists and media advocates through the conferment of the Gawad Jose L. Guerrero. Named in honor of the longtime director of DOST-STII (1990-2004), the Award aims to recognize science communicators and agencies from print, television, radio, and online media who have dedicated their lives in helping create a culture science in the Philippines through S&T information.

DOST Secretary Mario Montejo will keynote the event with singer Zyrene Parsad  as host.

“The event will be a memorable night not only for the presence of science and technology workers but also to all Filipinos who have embraced science in their lives,“ Carandang added. (By Allan Ace Aclan, S&T Media Service)

Written by: Allan Ace Aclan   
Thursday, 23 February 2012 07:30