Researchers from the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) were able to convert plant-based raw materials and their waste by-products into valuable and renewable polyols and polyurethanes (PU) that can be used for the commercial production of coatings, insulation, and packing foam materials.

The Department of Science and Technology developed the Safe, Swift and Smart Passage or S-PaSS, an innovative travel management system for local travelers who are returning to or visitingdifferent localities in time for the holidays, for vacation or for business.

From solar mobile phone chargers to home security devices, Vince is always creating something. Vince loves to tinker with electronic parts and products. He creates useful and innovative products out of electronic kits he finds online. He’s often into something like disassembling gadgets and putting the parts back together again.

In a brief chat one afternoon, Vince revealed that he dreams of having his own startup company. However, he does not have the capacity to fund his projects and the network to help him get a head start.