For more than six decades, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) was not alone in promoting science, technology, and innovation as the vehicle for economic development and inclusive growth. Hand in hand with the DOST were other national government agencies (NGAs) that contributed to the dispersal of scientific knowledge and research and development initiatives that created positive impact in various sectors of society.

A total of 10,487 students are set to enter college for academic year 2022-2023 as new science scholars of the Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) as they release the official list of names of the scholarship qualifiers.

With an average of 20 typhoons that hit the country every year, the DOST-PAGASA vigorously observes the Typhoon and Flood Awareness Week (TFAW) every 3rd week of June to give emphasis on the importance of early warning systems and early action in strengthening disaster action and preparedness to ensure the safety of communities during calamities.